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Argentina's Leopoldo Luque (R) celebrates after scoring the 6-0 lead against Peru's goalkeeper Ramon Quiroga (L-down) during an Argentina '78 World Cup second-round match at Gigante de Arroyito stadium in Rosario, Argentina, June 21, 1978. EPA-EFE FILE/RA

Argentina made it back to the World Cup final after a 48-year drought with a 6-0 trouncing of Peru in a second-round match on June 21, 1978, but the host country's lopsided victory was marred by controversy.

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20 Hispanos y Latinos más atractivos que el “Hombre vivo más sexi” de la People Magazine

 11/17/2017 - 17:52
Blake Shelton

De acuerdo con la People Magazine, el “Hombre vivo más sexi” ha sido blanco (no hispano ni latino) por treinta años. Mientras Hollywood diversifica su banco de talentos, la cara de la “sensualidad” aún no lo hace.